Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ed and Jackie

I met Ed at a homeless shelter 12 years ago and he's been our part-time janitor at Bud's Warehouse ever since.

Today, Ed picked up Jackie from the nursing home to bring her by Bud's Warehouse so she could say "hi" to everyone.

It's hard to believe that Ed and Jackie have been dating for 21 years. Nothing would make him happier than to get married and move in together. But because of her health, they've had to settle on declaring themselves married by common-law and live apart.

So on his days off, Ed picks up Jackie at her nursing home for short trips by bus around town. "She has to stay with me," Ed notes, "and I have to have her home by dark."

"You can't keep us apart," Jackie says. "People in love need to be together."

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