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The Importance of Cash Flow Forecasts for the Business as Mission

Monitoring your cash flow and budget is the third most important activity of a faith venture entrepreneur. It falls right behind seeking God's direction for the business and marketing. It's third, because you want to make sure your business is serving God's desires and not money while marketing is the lifeblood of any venture. But staying on top of your cash flow is in a close third place because it is an early warning indicator for the whole business, providing valuable time to solve potential future problems. I've witnessed numerous practitioners err in this area by taking their eye off of this important indicator of how the venture is doing. In the business as mission start up community in developing nations, I have also frequently seen start-ups where the practitioner is not deploying basic accounting software so they are completely unaware of their venture's financial position except when it comes time to pay employees and bills. Five years ago, duri