Opportunity Knocks at Belay's New Beginnings

If an ex-offender finds a job upon exiting prison, research shows that his or her chances of going back to jail are significantly reduced saving the $50,000 a year it costs a state to incarcerate an individual.

With that in mind, Belay Enterprises' latest start-up New Beginnings Custom Woodworks employs and job-trains ex-offenders like Patrick Stewart in a faith-based cabinet shop venture t
hat was recently profiled on 9News and in the Denver Post.

"I got out of jail 9 years ago, but was unable to find a job because of my past offense," Patrick says. "It was only when New Beginnings was willing to take a chance on me was I able to get off welfare and start supporting my family." 

Before starting at New Beginnings, Patrick had never built anything before. Now he's become an expert in crafting beautiful custom cabinets. "At one point in my life, I was just empty flesh walking around," he told the Denver Post, "Now, I have confidence. Now, I actually have hope." 

For close to 15 years, Belay Enterprises has dreamed of starting up a skill-based enterprise like New Beginnings. We are thrilled that this has become a reality that is positively impacting people rebuilding lives today. 

The recent 9News story in May has enabled us to grow the number of ex-offenders that we employ and job train. But this growth requires that we continue to scale up with new woodworking equipment and other capital needs. 

Belay is always on the lookout for individuals interested in investing their time and talents on behalf of people rebuilding lives. And one of our biggest needs right now is financial donations to help us with expansion start-up expenses. Would you consider making a donation towards this purpose? 

To make a contribution, just go to our Paypal site here and follow the easy steps or send a donation to our address below. Every donation is tax deductible and much appreciated. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 303-296-3990.

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