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Snow Boosts Denver Area Faith Venture Metal Movers

Snow storms and 9News seem to play a recurring role in building faith venture businesses in the Denver area. 11 year ago, a major snow storm and a 9News live remote played a key role in b oosting the profile of Bud’s Warehouse , a business as mission that hires individuals rebuilding lives from homelessness, addiction and prison. This past November, the pattern repeated itself when 9News used the season’s first snow storm to profile Metal Mover’s snow tire business . But people probably don’t realize that Metal Movers is one of the area’s most exciting for-profit faith ventures, committed to employing ex-offenders and other individuals rebuilding lives while serving the community. Metal Mover’s has grown rapidly in 6 years largely because of the passion and tremendous personal story of founder George Medley. It started a short time ago with George and his wife pulling cars with a tow rope. Very quickly it has blossomed into multi-million dollar firm employing over 35 employees a