Belay Venture Partners Program Selects First Founder

I’m excited to announce that Belay Enterprises has chosen Brittany Marlett as our first participant in the Venture Partners Program. Brittany's business, A Child’s Best Interest, is a home-based day care facility that started last year while participating in the Change Agency, a community development program of Denver area Cross Purpose. After completing that program, she quickly grew her company to its max capacity where she is serving six kids a day in her home. 
And now she has big plans for her business. Over the next year, she wants to expand from her house into a day care facility. That will require her completing additional state-mandated training as well as obtaining financial investment in order to secure a new center.

Belay’s Venture Partner’s Program is excited to help her through this process. We have identified five mentors who have agreed to meet with her monthly to coach her on the various aspects of running a growing business. They plan to start by assisting her in refining the business plan for strategic growth into the new facility. I am especially excited that one of the mentors has significant experience running her own day care center and is also a certified trainer for the State of Colorado. 

Are you interested in being a mentor? Though Brittany’s cohort group is full, we are close to selecting other participants for the program that will be matched with coaches. This will be a unique opportunity for business leaders to use their business gifts and talents to impact the community for the gospel. We are looking for entrepreneurial Christ-following business people with a track record of success and a desire to use their talents to assist kingdom start-up businesses. Business mentors will also be encouraged to make an investment in our revolving donor advised fund that will be used to resource the founder business loans.  Let us know you are interested by visiting here.

We are also continuing to accept applications for our new program. Do you know an early-stage founder who might be interested? We are seeking Christian entrepreneurs with new ventures from the idea stage to up to 2 years old, that desire to transform lives. If you are interested in learning more, visit here.

At Belay Enterprises, we are passionate about the life-changing potential of start-up businesses being founded by followers of Christ. Join us as we seek the flourishing of our communities through gospel-centered businesses.


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