If You Are Doing Business as Mission, You Are Doing Marketing.

This has been a big theme of this website for many years. And it is the foundation of a marketing class I’ve taught for YWAM for 5 years.

Recently, the importance of marketing came to the forefront while I gave a tour of Belay Enterprises to a friend interested in mentoring for our Venture Partners program. He is a business broker, who is hired by individuals looking to sell their businesses. And he notes that nearly all of the businesses approaching him for sale have significant room for growth in the future, simply by implementing better marketing. Effective marketing is the key to a thriving venture.

And marketing is more than advertising, as it is often, mistakenly limited to. When done at its best, it is about defining the minimally viable market for your good or service and then making appropriate decisions about price, place and people. For the faith venture practitioner, marketing done well provides an opportunity to redeem the promotion piece of marketing, which sometimes gets corrupted in secular organizations by the belief that the only thing important is making the sale. When I coach new BAM entrepreneurs, it is always such a joy to them when they are able to shift their marketing paradigm from just convincing people to buy their product to a more holistic understanding of it as blessing their customers.

Are you interested in learning more? We are in the process of taking this marketing class online for individuals in the process of starting or running business as mission ventures. This is perfect for people remote in the two-thirds world. We are going to offer early participants a chance to demo the curriculum in the future at significant savings.  Sign up here and we will keep you up to date.


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