Life Springing Up in the Conference Room

I'm a big believer in the career and life skill program we use at Bud's Warehouse to train people rebuilding lives from addiction, homelessness and prison. 

A big part of this intensely relational program is our weekly hood-check where everyone shares what is going on in their life. I'm such a fan of this activity because of the tremendous camaraderie and personal breakthroughs I've witnessed over the years during this time.  I firmly believe every company would see big benefits by implementing a weekly hood-check. 

So it was exciting, a few years ago, when an entrepreneur with a new start-up company called me bubbling over with stories about starting a hood-check at his business. Every workday they are gathering in the morning to implement pieces of the Bud's Warehouse program in a for-profit setting. 

He told me it's turned into one of the most incredible experiences of his adult life. The employees have grown incredibly close to each other while experiencing some amazing stories of God acting in their midst. 

My friend struggled for words to explain what was happening in the lives of some of the employees. One word came to mind. Resurrection. Employees were seeing new life spring up in places formerly occupied by pain and long-term struggles. 

He shared with his staff that he was modeling his organization on this place in Colorado called Bud's Warehouse and everyone expressed great enthusiasm for supporting our organization. I'm most excited that he plans to hire people rebuilding lives sometime in the near future because his particular business will provide one of the best environments for people seeking to overcome past difficulties while building significant career skills for the future. 

Once again, I'm amazed at the impact Jesus-following business people can make by approaching their business as a ministry.


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