Cultivate Holland Births Jobs for the Urban Poor Through Business Training

Graduates from a Cultivate Holland Class
Poverty fighting jobs are created by thriving businesses in disadvantaged communities. 

With that premise, Cultivate Holland, LLC, a Holland, Michigan faith-based non-profit organization, provides twelve-week classes for urban business people to help grow their ventures in order to create more jobs for disadvantaged individuals. As its website details:

Cultivate Holland, LLC is focused on providing the tools with which you can begin to grow or start your business and eliminate poverty in Holland and beyond.  Your success begins by attending a series of coaching and mentoring meetings designed for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Studies have shown that businesses can increase productivity by 26% when the ownership or management receives and implements proper training.  This increased productivity is achieved through training and mentoring without the expenditure of any capital.  With increased productivity comes increased job availability.  We encourage these newly created job providers to fill their new openings with unemployed persons from the core urban community in Holland.  As a non-profit agency, and with our association with Partners Worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to provide, for the first time, a proven strategy and curriculum to create and sustain new jobs.  
Visit here to learn more about this innovative poverty-fighting organization which is an affiliate of Partners Worldwide.


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