Five Thoughts on Serving People Escaping Addiction in Colorado

Over the last week, all of us at Bud's Warehouse have been reminded how difficult it is to serve people rebuilding lives from addiction. Sometimes, sadly, drug abuse ends badly. And when it does, individuals who are dedicated to helping others often take it very hard. There's never easy answers when someone so very young with a lot of promise leaves behind two young children. 

A couple of thoughts:

Addiction is a terrible foe. It takes both individual choice and God's grace for someone to overcome the grip of drug abuse. 

It saddens me that at the same time deaths from drug abuse seem to be rising, my state, Colorado, is in the midst of a group celebration of the legalization of marijuana. While this drug may not be as dangerous as others, do not be fooled into believing that its legalization will not damage lives in Colorado. Some will try this drug who otherwise would not have and will slip into other types of abuse. People who use marijuana will get hurt on the job and will injure other people while driving. And who knows the long-term consequences of THC in terms of mental illness and cancers. I wonder how all the people jumping into the marijuana production industry sleep at night with the negative impacts they are causing? I guess that question answers itself. How else do we drug ourselves out of a conscious?

People who help others escape addiction also need to walk by God's grace. Every recovery is messy and will never be accomplished perfectly. The important thing is to keep trying. Individuals created in the image of God deserve our love and our caring efforts. 

And in the end it comes down to choice. People have to choose to want to be better. But when we reach out in love, when we support each other in community, and when we remind each other of the love of Christ that choice becomes easier to make and maintain.


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