Ambitious New Economic Empowerment Program Starts in Lousiville, Kentucky

Access Ventures, in Louisville, Ky, is a developing faith venture project of Sojourn Community Church

The project has started with a financially-sustainable housing project that has raised funds to renovate 20 homes in the disadvantaged community. Ownership of these homes will be transferred to the renters after they successfully complete a training program that includes training in work and life skills. Access Ventures plans to expand into micro-lending, business start-up classes and job training. 

On their web site they define the following goals:

·  To restore people, through the power of the gospel
·  To demonstrate just, loving, and peaceful relationships
·  To equip and develop neighbors to work and support themselves and their families
·  To genuinely, and sacrificially, care for those in our neighborhoods and invite them to share in our lives

This began with sustainable housing development (Access Housing) and has progressed into areas of economic empowerment with Access Finance (i.e. payday lending, tackling consumer debt, micro-business lending – targeting solutions to problems that plague every American…low and middle-class alike).  By focusing on financial transactions that are direct, transparent, personal, and based on long-term relationships, Access is able to accomplish its mission by transforming the way individuals fundamentally work with money.  
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I am excited to watch as they grow their ambitious program.


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