Milwaukee's Community Warehouse Opens Computer Recycling and Woodworking Faithventure

In one of Milwaukee's most disadvantaged neighborhoods, Community Warehouse operates a home improvement outlet that employs people rebuilding lives while providing low-cost building materials to area residents remodeling homes.

The faith-based organization has recently opened its newest venture, Milwaukee Working, to create more jobs for hard-to-employ individuals. This enterprise employs people in computer recycling, assembly work, online book sales and cabinet manufacturing. The program was recently profiled in the Journal Sentinel:

In a warehouse on Milwaukee's north side, men with drills and screwdrivers stand at a long table, picking apart the carcasses of old computers and sorting their components into boxes for recycling. 
Across the cavernous room, past a wall of metal shelving, others scan books and CDs, DVDs and video games into computers. They upload their descriptions onto Amazon.ocm and ship them out to online buyers around the world. 
The men are employees of Milwaukee Working, a fledgling faith-based nonprofit aimed at creating jobs in the heart of one of the most impoverished cities in America. (Journal Sentinel, Feb 2, 2013) 
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