Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Volf: From Self-Centeredness to Generosity

"Faith tells us that we do not exist simply to live our three score and ten years without pain, with ease and enjoyment, to accumulate possessions, power or knowledge, to receive accolades and enlarge our egos.  How empty such life would be!   Faith is an expression of the fact that we exist so that the infinite God can dwell in us and work through us for the well-being of the whole creation.  If faith denies anything, it denies that we are tiny, self-obsessed specks of matter who are reaching for the stars but remain hopelessly nailed to the earth stuck in our own self-absorption.  Faith is the first part of the bridge from self-centeredness to generosity."
 Miraslav Volf in Free of Charge
(Via Mel Hanna) 

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