Sharing the Love

When designing a job training program for a faithventure, don't forget the love.

Nothing is more important than ensuring that love permeates all that you do. We love others because God's love fills up our own life and then spills over onto our day-to-day activities, ultimately impacting our work and our organizations.
I've seen other programs perfect in all respects but for one thing: the love was missing. 
And if it is missing, we are nothing but Paul's clanging cymbal in 1st Corinthians 13. All of our efforts are misfiring and failing to communicate the most important part of the gospel message.    

Love means fundamentally sharing your lives. You can have the greatest computer-based training program but if you are just using it to avoid entering into the messiness inherent to addiction, homelessness and prison, then the love is missing. Programs will never change lives unless there is a deep life-on-life component. Life needs to be shared, both its good times and bad, victories and defeats in order for love to do its healing work.

And from top to bottom, everyone needs to be involved in sharing the love. If we allow certain parts of an organization to become uninvolved in the daily interaction of love, then we have failed to understand the gospel and severely limited its effectiveness.


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