Start-up Faithventure Dirt'N'Nails Hopes to Employ and Provide Transitional Program for Homeless

A few years ago, I met an individual who was starting a Chicago area greenhouse tomato business to employ homeless individuals. His idea was very exciting because it's easy to see how such a venture could provide a fantastic environment for people rebuilding lives using the healing nature of gardening. Ever since then I've encouraged people in the Denver area to explore such an idea as a faith venture.

Today, I learned of a new farming start-up in the metro area that has the vision of transitional housing and employment in a farm setting. From their web site:

Dirt’N’Nails Farms Inc. came into being as a thought and then a vision March of 2009, starting with the thought of giving plant starts and potted vegetables to those in need to boost not only their food supply but also their morale.  Whether we’re talking about homeless families or hungry ones, mental and spiritual well-being is as important as physical well-being.  Simply giving the homeless a place to live is not enough.  Simply giving the hungry food is not enough.

Then came the vision.  A commercial greenhouse filled with vegetable starts and potted vegetables waiting to be delivered; farm land used to grow not only money-making things to keep it running but also food to feed the hungry; a staff made up of the adults of homeless families working part-time on the farm while working out financial, intellectual, and emotional issues that came from their time being homeless; education opportunities for school kids and organizations like 4H programs; and so much more.
Read more here.

While they wait for their non-profit approval from the IRS, they are seeking
volunteers for artwork, business planning and accounting, and for the board of directors. For more information, contact Monte at or at 303-263-1171.  

I look forward to watching this project develop.


Thank you ever so much, James, for posting this. We are at the very start and have achieved 501c3 status and are now working on fundraising, seeking land, and, of course, working on a better website. I have heard of Bud's Warehouse and look forward to the day when we can tap y'all on the shoulder and purchase materials to get our first farm going. God bless.

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