Ella's Dreams

When Ella has a dream, I pay attention. 

A few years ago, she called worried about a close friend of mine.  

"Yes," I said, "she's very sick. But how did you know? You haven't seen her in years."

Ella shared that she dreamed of her the previous night. "I will start praying right away," she said. And over the next year Ella kept checking in on my friend and praying until she was declared cancer free.  

A few weeks ago, Ella called concerned about a former Bud's Warehouse program participant from 7 years ago. We hadn't heard from him in awhile. A few days later he called. And now he's on his way back from a tough relapse with Ella praying for him every step of the way.  

One of the great joys of running an urban business as mission is the friendships with people of great faith who actively share God's love with the community around them. 

Ella likes to speak with God all of the time. And God helps her to dream about a better world.


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