Listen and Learn

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28, NIV)

I think one of the first lessons I learned when starting to lead Bud's Warehouse over 12 years ago was the importance of listening.

People rebuilding lives from homelessness, addiction and prison have much to teach if they are given a chance to share.

Too often, the teacher is prone to drown out the lesson with words because we are mesmerized with our own thoughts. (Note: I am speaking to myself here.)

How better to ask questions, shut up, and listen to the Holy Spirit teach all of us through others.

In today's Bible study, I was reminded of that reality.

The room's uncomfortable silence on the topic of dealing with change in your life was broken by the simple question: "When was one time in your life when you dealt with significant change?"

In return, we learned that change builds faith muscles, shows God as the unchanging one, gives God an opportunity to transform bad into good, and helps us to call out to God in our times of need.

What a fantastic way to start the day at Bud's Warehouse with these reminders from God.


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