Denver Business as Ministry Breakfast on Friday, May 6, 2011

I am pleased to announce that Partners Worldwide and my organization, Belay Enterprises, will be hosting a Business as Ministry breakfast at 7 am on May 6, 2011, at Confluence Ministries, located at 1400 Quitman Street in Denver.

If you are a business person desiring to make a difference with your calling, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about how Christ-following business people are helping to alleviate poverty in the world and in the Denver metro area.

Partners Worldwide is an international business as ministry organization that encourages, equips and connects business and professional people in global partnerships that grow enterprises and create sustainable jobs, transforming the lives of all involved.

Belay Enterprises is a Denver area organization that partners with the local church to create businesses like Bud's Warehouse that employ individuals rebuilding lives from prison, addiction and homelessness.

Please RSVP by commenting here, emailing us, or calling us at 303-296-3990. Watch the below video to learn more about Partners Worldwide.



Anonymous said…
I'm totally there.

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