Boaz and Ruth: Rebuilding Lives while Rebuilding a Community

In Highlands Park, one of Richmond, Virginia’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods, Boaz and Ruth, Inc. has been operating six faith venture businesses to employ and train ex-offenders transitioning back into the community while helping to economically rebuild the neighborhood.

This exciting organization operates Firehouse Café and Catering, Sunny Days Clothing Thrift, Parable Furniture Restoration, Harvest Thrift Furniture, Mountain Movers, and Boaz and Ruth Estate Sales Services.

Central to the organizations approach is its trademarked RestoreCorps philosophy. From their website:

When someone is released from prison, a decent job, a safe home and healthy relationships are hard to come by. Add to these challenges of re-entry the fact that individuals often return to communities weighed down by the very problems and issues that help spawn crime and it is easy to understand the vicious cycle of recidivism. It is difficult to sustain long-term individual change without changing the community as well. That's what makes RestoreCorpsTM so unique.

Planted in the center of Highland Park, one of Richmond, Virginia's most troubled areas, the mission of Boaz Ruth's RestoreCorps is to rebuild lives and communities through relationships, training, transitional jobs, and economic revitalization.
Three key strategies of RestoreCorps:
• Boaz & Ruth rebuilds lives of formerly incarcerated men and women through a transitional jobs and training program.
• Boaz &Ruth empowers the physically blighted commercial corridor of Highland Park by restoring buildings, incubating and operating businesses, and providing jobs.
• Boaz & Ruth connects Highland Park and our program participants to the wider Richmond community through activities that bridge racial, economic, and geographic barriers

For more information about Boaz and Ruth, email them at or call them at (804) 329-4900.


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