Recycling On Its Way Back as Faithventure Opportunity

About a year ago, the commodity market for recycled materials like cardboard, metal, and glass crashed along with the economy. At the time, we were looking at expanding our operations at Bud's Warehouse into those areas because of the significant revenues we were starting to see by recycling appliances that were in too bad shape to sell in our thrift store. We also saw some potential income from the flood of cardboard that arrived with our donations.

In the last few weeks, the commodity market for recycled products has recovered to rates which can sustain a business. I've always been a big fan of start-ups with a focus on recycling as being an excellent faith venture business to create opportunity for individuals rebuilding lives.

If you're exploring the potential of starting such an urban business as mission, I recommend you take a look at recycling of cardboard, metal and even auto parts.

I think God smiles at faith venture operations that seek to recycle lives while recycling materials.


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