Opportunity in a Blank Page

Seth Godin pointed out the short documentary Lemonade in his blog yesterday. It's an inspiring look at how individuals have rebuilt their lives after unexpectedly losing their jobs.

I really enjoyed it because it's a reminder about the power of optimism, ideas, and can-do entrepreneurial spirit.

Spend 35 minutes, watch it here and jump-start your creative mind.

Imagine the power that can be unleashed on behalf of disadvantaged communities if we can inspire this type of activity by or on behalf of people rebuilding lives from addiction, homelessness or prison.

As I've written before, entrepreneurship is one of the best routes to self-sufficiency for ex-offenders. And urban business as mission ventures are also powerful ways to create jobs and training for individuals otherwise shut-out of the employment world because of past mistakes.

I pray others will catch this vision for creating opportunity in the name of Christ for individuals society often judges as undeserving of second chances. It's about Christ-following entrepreneurs living out the grace of Jesus through their unique, God-given talents.


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