10 Most Popular Posts on Faithventure Forum

Faithventure Forum was started in August of 2008 to encourage the creation of businesses to employ individuals or communities rebuilding lives from poverty, addiction, or prison. Here's a list of the ten most popular posts since the start of this community:

#1: Mattress Recycling: A Faith Venture Business as Ministry Idea

#2: Belay Enterprises: Incubating Faith Ventures & Connecting Entrepreneurs with Business as Ministry Opportunities

#3: AT&T Commercial Focuses on Faith Venture Toms Shoes

#4: Faith Venture Focus Events: Oct. 16 and Nov. 6, 2008

#5:Business as Mission: Unleashing the Enthusiasm of Christ-Following Entrepreneurs

#6: The Insurance Issues of Hiring Ex-Offenders

#7:Reducing Recidivism: The Importance of Employment

#8: Faithventure Forum Introduction

#9:Neil Johnson’s Business as Mission Book Hits the Stores while His Student Assists Denver Area Urban BAM.

#10:Business as Mission 101 at CCDA Conference


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