A Life-on-Life Job Training Program

Over the last ten years at Bud's Warehouse, individuals have often asked me to explain our job training program. For many years, I struggled to provide a clear answer because, in many ways, the Bud's program is not a traditional program.

Sure, we have a curriculum and a three phase programmatic way of organizing our instruction. But the core level of our program is really about building relationships and helping individuals work "one-on-one" through the unique challenges of pursuing a career after prison or addiction.

So, if you're looking for a "step-by-step, do this and you'll get employed" type program, Bud's really isn't such a place. But if you desire a life-on-life mentoring program that is tailored to the specific needs of an individual, Bud's is perfect for you. Any program can teach how to not lose your anger in the workplace, but we think Bud's strength comes from, not only teaching anger management techniques, but being available on the job for mentoring after a conflict situation occurs.

People learn in the midst of making mistakes.


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