Four Must Read Posts for Faithventure Leaders as the Decade Turns

I've been catching up on my online reading after a busy Christmas season and thinking about goals for the New Year. I stumbled upon four blog posts that faith venture leaders would all do well to read as we move into the new decade.

One of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, remembers his close friend David Gentiles in a moving eulogy here. We would all benefit by imitating the tremendous and humble life of this lifelong encourager who impacted so many lives. There is also a great editorial on Gentiles in the Austin Statesman here.

As this year ends, we should also resolve to know the depth of God's love for us as my friend and emerging author, Kevin Grenier, shares here. His list of eleven ways that God's love impacts our lives is tremendous.

Next, don't tell anyone, but I plan on firing my key managers next week. I am also going to fire myself. This may seem a bit out of place after the last two paragraphs, but don't worry, I plan on hiring us all back. I just want us to approach 2010 with the freshness that comes from starting a new position. Ron Ashkenas makes the same case in his essay, "Why You Should Fire Yourself" in Conversation Starter.


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