Special Coffee Order Discount for Faithventure Forum Readers

I am very excited for the faith venture Second Chance Coffee Company which received a great boost of publicity from the Chicago Tribune yesterday.

We profiled this boutique coffee roasting business with a commitment to hiring ex-offenders 2 months ago here in the Faithventure Forum. I am hoping the Chicago Tribune's publicity will help them grow and expand into Colorado in the near future! Neat guys with big hearts and a great idea.

And for loyal readers of this blog, there's a special 10% discount offer for orders placed before October 31, 2009. Just go to the web site and enter the coupon code Da1-5570.

I am hoping that churches in Colorado and throughout the country will support ex-offenders rebuilding lives in an innovative program by purchasing coffee at www.ihaveabean.com. Not only is it a good cause...it's super tasty coffee.

Chicago Tribune: Grounds for Optismism

In 2007, three Wheaton men, Pete Leonard, Ron deVries and Dave Scavotto, met for their weekly breakfast and came up with an idea for a small business that would provide fresh coffee and fresh starts.

Fresh start: Each had witnessed the plight of former prisoners in the job market.

Fresh coffee: Each enjoys a cup, although Leonard was more passionate about it than the others.

In August, after 2 1/2 years of brewing over it, they opened Second Chance Coffee Co. with two primary goals: to roast the best and freshest coffee, and to give former prisoners a chance at reliable employment.


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