Hot Dogging it to a New Life

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal detailed the trend of white-collar professionals seeking to escape the recession by selling hot dogs:

“Today's cart buyers are generally older and have more white-collar work
experience than was traditionally the case,” says Will Hodgskiss, president
and "top dog" at Willy Dog Ltd., a New York cart manufacturer. "People are
either buying these carts in anticipation of a layoff or to supplement their
incomes," he says. Willy Dog's sales are up 30% from March 2007.”

“Dogged Pursuit: Professionals Find New Livelihood Selling Frankfurters,” The Wall
Street Journal
, April 9, 2009

The article shared that individual hot dog vendors in prime locations are earning up to $400 a day. One cart vending company, All American Hot Dog Carts Inc, offers a training program called Hot Dog University.

At Belay, we’ve always viewed vending carts as a viable option for individuals rebuilding lives from addictions or felony convictions. Though, in Denver, the food product of choice seems to be the breakfast burritos instead of the hot dog. For some individuals with certain felony convictions that shut them out of traditional employment, a vending cart can be an entrepreneurial solution to providing for their families.

The Wall Street Journal’s Independedent Street blog offers pointers on how to get into the hot dog trade.


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