Thursday, April 30, 2009

Felony Franks

Steve Van Diest, one of our recent participants in a faith venture forum and a Christian business owner, sent me an email this week pointing me to Felony Franks in Chicago. This organization seems to be riding a wave of free media by choosing a creative name that marries marketing savvy with an important social purpose.

I don’t know if Felony Franks includes faith in its venture but it certainly shares this forum’s commitment to creating employment opportunities for past felons. (And I find it amusing that Steve sent me the link a few days after my post on hot dog carts as a self-employment opportunity for felons.)

Jim Andrews, the founder of the Rescue Foundation in 2003 and owner of Andrews Paper Company in Chicago, seems to be a successful businessman who has caught a vision for felony employment. He shares his dream in a recent television interview on CBS 2 Chicago.

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