Belay Featured in Community Wealth City Profile, a project of the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland, profiles Belay Enterprises this spring in its latest Community Wealth City overview on Denver:

"Denver is also home to other notable community wealth initiatives. The Urban Land Conservancy contributes to the surrounding community in a variety of ways, helping to secure land so that it remains affordable for schools, affordable housing, and office space for non-profits, while also providing financing and coordination to local community projects and initiatives. Another organization, Belay Enterprises, founded Bud's Warehouse, a career and life-skills training social enterprise that employs individuals rebuilding their lives from addiction, homelessness, or prison. Bud's Warehouse has since become a successful home improvement store and has now expanded to three additional locations." (More)

I am excited that our organization was unexpectedly included in this article about Denver. is a well-respected informational project that seeks to publicize innovative community wealth building strategies around the country to help advance such efforts.


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