Mystery of the Incarnation

I learned of this quote by Andrew Sullivan in a recent wonderful sermon, "In the Beginning Part II - This Time its Personal" by Rob Bell. I don't know much about Mr. Sullivan's theology--I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't agree with it all-- but his writings beautifully capture the mystery of the incarnation and the love of Jesus.

I call myself a Christian because I believe that, in a way I cannot fully
understand, the force behind everything decided to prove itself benign by
becoming us, and being with us. And as soon as people grasped what had
happened, what was happening, the world changed forever...And the world as
it was--as it still is--was unable to tolerate this immense occasion; and so
Jesus was executed and the life more in touch with divinity than any other
life was ended abruptly, when it was still achingly young. The existence of
such a life was both so wondrous that it changed everything; and also so
terrifying it had to be
snuffed out.
From 'The Conservative Soul' by Andrew Sullivan as excerpted in "Being Christian Is About Love, Not Laws" on Beliefnet


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