Slumdog Millionaire

I want to add my voice to the growing chorus of people amazed by a new movie in limited release. Slumdog Millionaire has jumped to the top of my all-time favorite movies. I would be surprised if this movie doesn’t sneak up and become the best picture for the upcoming Academy Awards. I saw the movie two nights ago and I have been unable to shake the storyline, images and music from my mind. It’s a brutal modern Oliver Twist meets Who Wants to Be A Millionaire that captures the deep contradictions of the culture of India where social class clashes with middle class mobility. It’s jarring but it’s also deeply satisfying in that it speaks to that deep human desire that wants to know that deep injustices will be made right and that love will overcome. India is a country on the rise but it’s also a place that needs faith ventures and saints like Mother Theresa.


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