If This Master's Degree Had Existed 10 Years Ago...

I've had several friends complete the Global City Doctor of Ministry program at Bakke Graduate University over the last few years. It's a fascinating doctoral program that I've been interested in myself but it's the old conundrum of balancing work, family and life. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned that BGU is now offering an MBA program. I went to the web site and discovered my dream master's degree: they have developed a Master of Arts in Social and Civic Entreprenuership. This program provides a balanced curriculum of business training, social entrepreneurship and theology. It's the perfect degree for someone wanting to build an academic background in the area of faith ventures and business as ministry. Unfortunately, like most master's degrees, it comes with a fairly steep price tag so you really need to analyze the cost benefit of pursuing this particular academic degree. And one must also remember the value of on-the-job experience. But if this degree had existed 10 years ago when I had the time to pursue master's work, this would have been my choice.


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