Building the Foundation for Felony Employment Success

Steve Pankoski of Stryan Steel Systems attended our last Faith Venture Focus Event and shared valuable insight about employing felony offenders. In his opinion, the key to success in working with past offenders is realizing that your business is God’s business. With that in mind, a Christ-centered owner, who has a God-directed commitment to hiring past offenders, is free to trust them like any other employee and serve them with the same attitude as Christ. This provides the foundation that allows felony offenders to overcome past bad decisions and reach their God-given potential.

Pankoski started Stryan Steel Systems in 1995 after 16 years as a Denver area custom homebuilder. The company manufacturers and installs an innovative structural floor system that overcomes the swelling soil issues of the Denver Metro area. His labor-intensive company requires employees that are adept in the construction and installation of these systems. As a result, there are many ideal employment opportunities for individuals transitioning from prison into the work environment.

Pankoski’s commitment to working with felons began after locating his company’s office next to a half-way home for individuals re-entering society after prison. What began as a relationship of convenience has now become a core part of Stryan. Pankoski takes pride in watching individuals find faith and a better life through on-the-job experience in his manufacturing company.

While the non-profit faith venture Bud’s Warehouse provides job training for individuals rebuilding lives from prison, real momentum for felony career opportunities will only increase when for-profit faith venture companies discover the rewarding ministry of working with past offenders as employees.


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