The Surprise Visitor

Baby Bud's is finally open!

It's been a tough journey finding a new space for the store. We've been trying to faithfully go where God wants us but it's been a difficult process. We thought two other possible locations were each the place, but both did not work out. And who knew it would take 6 months to find the space that would finally become the store?

Today, Dianne Sager had an unexpected visitor speak words that reminded her of a similar event 6 years ago at the old store.

"Do you know why I'm here?" the women asked. "Jesus sent me here. The Holy Spirit is in this place." The woman then asked, "What happens when you keep placing items into a basket? It will overflow. This place is going to overflow with blessings for this neighborhood. This is the right neighborhood for you."

Like the visitor six years ago, Dianne had never seen this woman before. Her words felt like confirmation that the last six difficult months had ended with the perfect result. Baby Bud's was right where God wants it.


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