Baby Bud's New Location Opens

There is a special place in God's heart for the widow and orphan. God passionately loves those that society too often leaves behind. The Bible speaks directly of God's love for the widow at least 24 different times througout the Old and New Testaments. (See below this post for a list)

In today's disadvantaged communities, a modern version of the widow is the mother who has been abandoned by her male partner and forced to take care of her child by herself. She may not have lost her husband to death but she has lost many of the advantages that make escaping poverty easier. Indeed, one of the hardest segments of poverty to address is the single mother struggling to take care of her family.

In 2001, Belay Enterprises aimed to provide a solution to this problem by starting Baby Bud's, a job-training program for single mothers. Baby Bud's addresses the difficult area of employment for single mothers rebuilding lives from homelessness, prison or addiction. This innovative program operates a baby thrift store that receives donations of baby clothes and furniture. The thrift store is located in a disadvantaged area of metro Denver to provide near-by residents an opportunity at low-cost baby supplies.

If as a faith venture, you choose to pursue goals close to God's heart, many times you become witnesses to tremendous stories of God in action. Baby Bud's has never been a business that generated earned income in excess of expenses. Over the years, the venture has struggled to cover 2/3rds of its expenses through sales with the shortfall being funded through surplusses from Bud's Warehouse, grants and donations. But in terms of program success, Baby Bud's has had a front row seat to numerous stories of God transforming the lives of single mothers from homelessness, prison, domestic violence, and prostitution into careers with a future.
Today, we are excited to announce that a new chapter of Baby Bud's starts this week. Baby Bud's has moved into a new location on the corner of Downing Street and Martin Luther King in Denver's historic Five Points neighborhood. With the opening of the store on August 23rd, we expect many more stories of God moving in the lives of single mothers that are rebuilding lives. Please call Dianne or Cathy at 303-293-0014 for more information. Baby Bud's is located at 3154 Downing Street.

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