Vanderbilt Students Open Triple Thread Apparel to Employ Ex-Offenders

While volunteering at Dismas House, a Nashville transitional program for ex-offenders, Kyle McCollom, a senior at Vanderbilt University, noticed the importance of employment to the successful transition of ex-offenders.

He also discovered how difficult it was for ex-offenders to find jobs.

So Kyle McCollum led a group of students from Vanderbilt in partnership with  Dismas House to open Triple Thread Apparel, a faith venture that employs ex-offenders in a t-shirt screen printing business.

It's well worth the time to watch an excellent profile of program by ESPNU. McCollom persuasively makes the case for the creation of businesses to employ ex-offenders transitioning back into society.

ESPNU SEC Weekly featuring Triple Thread from Triple Thread on Vimeo.


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